Our Staff


Seasoned to Perfection

Our staff and contractors have been doing what they do best for a long time.  Our vendor relationships are well established with a long, productive history.  The service rates and turnaround that we receive on our clients’ behalf reflect this fact.  Our clients are not just buying our excellent service and experience, they are also buying the benefit of our professional network forged over decades of work in this industry. 

Our Company is Small and Local by Design

We believe that a small staff with long and local industry resumes provides our clients with service and results that are superior to cookie cutter property management companies that have more staff with less time under their belts. We aren’t interested in becoming some monster company that loses site of its greatest asset – our customers. We also stay local, focusing our efforts in Marin & Sonoma County so that we can visit our managed properties frequently.

“After doing nearly 200 jobs for Syrus Properties I am still required to bid against other contractors to guarantee competitive pricing.”

Brian Hoover, Trinity Building


Tracy Engelen, Broker
CA DRE Corporation #01523925
CA DRE Broker/Officer #01230085

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